December 17


Welcome to my lifestyle and self motivation blog. I will be adding content soon to the blog. The site is still in the works. La Tarde means The Afternoon in spanish. I thought I would create a blog with La Tarde in mind. Almost like going to a coffee shop and just posting my thoughts and how I try to be positive and motivated each and every day.

I find myself thinking and posting more while having a cup of Java. The surroundings are also nice when you see others drinking coffee and chit chatting with someone at a small table. I am relaxed and able to do some of my best thinking!

La Tarde was an after thought for me. I saw the domain expire and thought it would be a great personal blog with the PR5 that it has. I would love to have others guest post to my blog with anything related to personal happiness, self motivation and positive thinking ideas. I also am open to others advertising on my blog, as the PR5 has great presence on the WWW. Please use the “contact us” page and send us your posts as well as any interest in advertising on my site. I will put some open slots on the main page for advertising.

I will also be putting together a Twitter page, a Facebook page and an Instagram page to include my thoughts, images and pictures as I travel around the country. I do travel for a living, so I think I have some great thoughts and pictures to share with everyone. Please keep an eye out for those, as I will have them listed here on the homepage once they are setup.

Thanks for stopping by La Tarde and have a great “AFTERNOON“!!!!